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About Us

When it all started

Summer of 2009 a young coach had noticed that there was a considerable fall in the number of children taking part in sport, This was largely due to all the latest technologies from gadgets & game consoles to cyber fun.

So to the ever advances in today’s world, children are now going away from traditional outdoor fun and games, which is extremely important in the development of a child’s growth. A change was needed as a result Magic Kids was born.

The intentions at first were to have sessions that would be fun and engaging to encourage participation, in turn this would improve general motor skills and confidence of the children.

We do this by challenging the children with fun games whilst having the ball constantly at their feet, this helps them develop their bodily technique without them realising. In the sessions, encouragement & motivation are extremely important tools used for it has a very positive impact on our little super stars to carry with them, as they grow into their own characters.

In the past few years we have had the opportunity to work in many nurseries and have established an excellent reputation in delivering fun and exciting and unforgettable sessions.