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It’s not just a party; it’s a Magic Kids Football Party!

Does your child love football, do they sit by the television and scream when a goal goes in. Then why not treat them to a Magic kid’s special themed Football party.

Fun & Games that’s all your little one is going to remember on their special day, from when the party starts up until the final whistle your child and their friends will have the times of their lives. We cover almost everything form the Cake to booking the venue and most off all this is includes you putting your feet up and enjoying the big day and maybe you might get picked for the penalty shoot out in the end.

So what does a party include?

An FA qualified coach with a full C.R.B, insurance & all equipment.

Certificates & goody bags for all guest.

A boy/girl of the Match trophy and prize for the birthday boy/girl.

Food & Drink as well as birthday cake (on request)

We use innocent smoothies for our drinks as well as a contracted bakery for food and snacks.

We cover most of London and will help with the finding of a venue. The food is left to us unless stated otherwise. Prices start at £150 for 15 children and £8 for every additional child. Maximum of 15 children per coach additional coach would be required if more children are taking part.

So if you would like any more information please drop us a call or summit your interest via an email.