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Fun, fun & more fun

When most people think of football for pre-school children they tend to ask, “aren’t the children to small for football” the answer is most sternly not.

As you may already know child obesity is an important issue. So with most children stuck in front of the T.V or Computer at an early age, it is important they get some physical activity to get them into good habits for when they grow up, and what better age to start then as soon as they start walking.

At magic kids our fun football sessions for nurseries and pre-schools is specially designed to help children develop their confidence & teamwork by encouragement and motivation as well as fun based games.

The children also develop skills such as motor movements, eye & ball co-ordination, balance, problems solving, decision making and much more.

The sessions tend to last for 30mins for the pups group and go up to 45mins for the lions and consist of warm-up as well as the main session this will change every week to keep the little ones guessing and keep them interested.

So if this sounds like something you think your little one would love or would like to have at you nursery why not drop us an email and let the fun begin.